The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 21: Summer's Over! Back to School

New classes…crazy morning routine…making lunch — the kids are finally back in school, and yet, life seems more complicated than ever. Can you manage it gracefully? Our guest Christine Koh says: sort of. Listen to hear her tips for embracing the important stuff, jettisoning the rest, and enlisting the whole family (even kindergarteners!) for help.

Summer's Over! Back to School Show Notes

0:14: Christine Koh is the parenting expert behind Edit Your Life and Boston Mamas.

2:48: What is emotional overload? Christine tells us what it is, and how to deal.

3:30: “Split up those responsibilities,” says Christine, to nix the pre-school mental load.

5:37: Use back-to-school to teach your children life skills and help them be independent.

9:35: Figure out your “Goldilocks level of busy” that Christine discusses in her book.

11:15: Lisa asks, “How parents can tame chaos as we start careening towards first day school?”

15:26: Looking to volunteer? Pro-tip: “Intersect with the school in a way that works well for you.”

16:00: Lisa and Christine agree: “Kindergarten is a big deal.”

19:34: Quick tip for the first day of kindergarten (and beyond): “Make the morning less crazy.”

20:19: Lisa asks, “What is it about making lunch that we all hate so much?”

21:15: Lisa aptly points out: “This is focused on the kids, but we still have to keep working.”

21:25: Christine’s working parent tip during back-to-school: “Build in end-of-day transition time.”

22:26: “Parents moving from daycare to kindergarten are giving up something,” says Lisa.

22:50: Christine suggests parents get the school calendar and plan ahead for school breaks.

29:10: Don’t forget to check out Christine’s list of 100 Life Skills in Five Minutes or Less. 

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